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Protecting against the harmful effects of alcohol

Raisin Tree™ is a natural herbal extract from the Oriental Raisin Tree. Our vegan friendly capsules provide effective prevention of hangover symptoms, as well as promoting liver health and detoxification.

Perfect for nights out, celebrations, stag and hen do’s or just a quiet night in! Make the most of tomorrow with Raisin Tree™


Oriental Raisin Tree

Raisin Tree™ is 98% pure and produced naturally from the Oriental Raisin Tree.

Completely Natural

Raisin Tree™ contains only the pure active ingredient from the Oriental Raisin Tree. NO sugar, preservatives, E numbers or flavourings.

98% Dihydromyricetin

Raisin Tree™ provides effective prevention of hangover symptoms as well as liver protecting properties.


Fast Worldwide Delivery

Vegan and Vegetarian friendly

Raisin Tree™ is vegetarian and vegan friendly as well as being gluten-free and allergen-free.

Never waste a day!

Start your day feeling more refreshed and alert after a night out. Enjoy yourself at night and be productive the next day.

Cost Effective

With 45 capsules per bottle, Raisin Tree™ works out at under $0.62 per capsule.

How to use Raisin Tree™

Take your Raisin Tree™

Take a capsule for every three drinks consumed while drinking or immediately after drinking, but definitely before you go to bed!

Wake up feeling refreshed

Wake up feeling more refreshed and alert after a night out. Don’t let the thought of waking up ruin a great night out!

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